How To Bypass Facebook Messenger App Update

Recently facebook has updated their mobile application so that it now requires a separate app for messenger. This is required if you intend to read your messages from a mobile device. The problem with the new app is that is has access to more of your phone such as your contacts list, camera and more. Something I am not interested in allowing them to have access to. There’s just something about knowing they (Facebook)could watch me any time they want that creeps me out.

If you’re like me and would rather them not having access to all this, then I suggest you do this hack.

1) when it offers you the app, press the learn more button.

2) after that you press the yes it was helpful button.

3)Then you go to the top left corner and press the little arrow to go back.

4) once your on next page then you press the 3 lines that are in the same place the arrow was.

5) after that you’ll see a list of stuff you can do, that’s when you press messages .

The steps above might take a little longer but at least you don’t have to download the appRead the rest

How To Book An Escort Online

After wasting many nights searching and searching for escorts and coming up empty handed I figured out how to do it, without getting into trouble, robbed or bait and switched. The key is to stay away from those independent sites BP and CL. They are full of crooks, criminals, liars, thieves and LE. You’re better off going through an agency. In New York there are hundreds of them. Just search escort service in new york or new york city escorts is 1 company that I used many times. The reason its better to use an agency instead of an independent is because an agency has variety, rules and hold the girls accountable. If you don’t like the girl, the agency will simply send another. Try that with an independent, she will call her boyfriend and there will be problems.

nyc escorts

Another thing to keep in mind is there is a rush hour in the business. Most likely you are calling the same time everyone else is. An independent is only able to take 1 client, while an agency can book calls all night long without missing an appointment. Not an independent. That’s why most of the time when you call independents you will have to call hundreds of them to get 1 to answer her phone and then if you are lucky she can fit you in 2 hours from now.… Read the rest

Bluetooth Speakers

Ever since I was a kid I always enjoyed music. I was raised in the days of the boombox, breakdancing, hip hop, DJing and graffiti so I always had a portable radio with me. Along with my mixed tapes that I either made, bought, duped from friends that bought or simply recorded off the radio when KISS FM and WBLS had their weekend mix on. It was awesome, I always had fresh mixes to play on my boombox.

When the boomboxes first came out they consisted of only 1 huge speaker. This was fine until consumers wanted and needed more. Hanging out on corners, parks and schoolyards in the city meant you needed power to blast your music so everyone in the area could hear and hopefully join in on the breakdancing.

These power players took up to 12 D batteries which cost about $5 which back then was a lot of money, heck even now it’s a lot of money for something that will last only 2 hours. Sometime we were able to hack into a nearby light pole to get power but that didn’t last long as the power companies figured out ways to secure their poles so we couldn’t power our music players.… Read the rest

Web OS

Why does the web need an operating system?

As we live an increasingly large part of our lives online, we’re increasingly aware that we’re facing some problems. Our online lives are scattered across the web: we have accounts on more websites than we can remember, we can’t search through all our data from one place, and hackers looking to steal our personal information have a wealth of weak links to target. And Web 2.0 has turned out to be a Faustian bargain: the cost of using web apps appears to be a steady erosion of our privacy, the loss of ownership and control over our own data, and being locked into service providers who don’t always have our best interests at heart. Web apps are balkanized online prisons; what we need is an online home.

Sitelier is an operating system for the social web. It manages a secure private website where users can safely store all their online content and personal information, and install web apps to work with it – on their terms. It lets people connect with friends, family and colleagues, and use apps to communicate and share whatever they want with whomever they want – privately. Sitelier turns the web around, making it user-centric rather than service-centric, and promises unprecedented convenience, security, power, and freedom to its users.

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